Saturday, March 17, 2007


Happy St. Pat's Day!
This is my first entry as well as my first attempt at a blog.

One of my favorite ways to view my mistakes in life is as "teaching moments". I have a lot of these.
As I stumble along the way as a late-in-life wife and mom, I realized I could be doing a great service to others in sharing my life lessons.

Such as:
Reading Glasses are Important - especially when dispensing medicine
Clorax Disinfecting Wipes are not meant for cleaning hands & faces!
Short Cuts in House-Keeping
Fast and Easy Meals for the short-order cook
How to Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine and get to work & school on time

and much, much more.

Bear with me as I get this posted & play with formatting! Thanks for checking my blog out!

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BonBon said...

I am a mush-brained mom & can relate.