Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden Cover-Up

Last weekend in addition to re-potting tomato seedlings I grew from seed, I also planted several varieties of tomato plants I purchased at my favorite garden store. I waited until after May 15th this year to plant (historically the last frost date),  a few weeks later than I normally do as we have had a really late Spring.

Just when the warm weather looked like it was here for the season, we are having a cold-snap with a freeze warning tonight! 
I moved a few planters into the garage.

I also put a couple under the sheets, in between the two rows of tomato plants.
One planter was left out in the open and I put one into my mini-greenhouse.

It should be interesting to see how my garden fares.

Two of the plants I bought and put into the ground already have fruit growing. Hopefully they will survive the weekend.

Weekend highs are predicted to be between 67-72 degrees. 

 At least my lettuce and peas are happy!


terri said...

A freeze warning this late in the year? Crazy! Hope your plants stay warm and safe.

I'm just thinking about planting flowers this weekend. My hubby planted seeds in the vegetable gardens last weekend. With our very late spring, it could be September before we see any yield!

wornoutwoman a.k.a. Kimberly McKay said...

I'm so impressed! I need to plant a garden and each year I procastinate. These pictures are very inspiring.