Sunday, June 3, 2012

Out in the Backyard

Last weekend, frustrated with my boys spending so much time indoors, I encouraged them to invite friends over. While my eldest was making the rounds at graduation parties with Dad, I forced the younger two to hang out back and taped a note to the front door,
 " We're out in the back yard".

After a water fight and a trip indoors to change clothes, the boys ended up watching TV and playing Yu-Gi-Oh in the family room, never to make it outdoors again, until the car ride to take the friend back home. In my day, we would spend the entire day outdoors. I can't remember ever spending time watching tv or playing video games at friends' homes for hours on end.

Of course back in the day, our video games consisted of Pong and PacMan.

I'm Out Back

When Spring and Summer are in session, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I can be found either gardening, taking photos of my plants and nature in my yard and relaxing in my "Sofa Swing" admiring my garden and catching up on my reading (and usually take a nap).

My blog has taken a "back-seat " to my other online activities like FaceBook and Pinterest (my newest addiction).  For the few blog friends that I have, if you message me, I'd love to follow you if you are on either of these places.

Life is Good

My eldest just finished his first year of high school at an all-boys parochial school. It's been a tough but good year. He has been active in Cross-Country, Swimming,  Jazz Band and Ultimate Frisbee (club team) and seems to enjoy the experience (except for all the homework). I'm impressed that as a Freshman, he has been invited to 6 or 7 Senior graduation parties.

The younger two boys have one more week of school and have had a great year. Both made Honor Roll for the year and received recognition at a special Awards Night. My 8th grader also received a Science Award and had the top score on a special math test given to all 8th graders.Between Choir and Band concerts, I am one proud mama.

No News is Good News

As I seem to be posting less here as time goes on,  I have given up worrying about keeping up with my blogging. I hope to post when I have a anecdote or boast that is better kept private and (somewhat) anonymous.

Hope all is well in your world. I'm ready for my 2nd cup of coffee and then you can find me "out back"!


Tara R. said...

Yep, back in the day, we'd leave the house first thing in the morning to go out and play, and not get home until dinner time... good times!

Congrats to your boy on their stellar academic year, hope they have an equally good summer.

terri said...

First the invention of t.v., then video games sure changed the way kids function in the world! I remember playing outside all day long, riding bikes all over creation and only coming in for lunch and dinner. Times have changed!

Congratulations to your boys on all of their successes! Sure sounds like they worked hard this school year and it paid off. You are right to be proud!