Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Busy 4 Ur Own Good

In No Particular Order:

Planning Too Far Ahead??? -
I know we are all busy and important but I see a disturbing trend. In order to catch up with a friend or business acquaintance, I've been having to schedule a date that is 2 or 3 weeks out. Only to have that breakfast or lunch rescheduled 2 or 3 times.

I just had my 2nd-last-minute-cancellation/reschedule for this week due to pressing work issues.

What ever happened to "spur-of-the-moment"? This is why I don't like to plan too far out.....

Linkin' Up

LinkedIn is not FaceBook people. If you don't know me, don't send an invitation to connect without a valid explanation WHY. I will ignore you!

Come to think of it, I won't accept you as a friend on FaceBook either!

Returning Calls & Emails

When I am a Volunteer for your community project, I expect my calls and emails answered within 48 - 72 hours at the latest. I need answers so I can do my committee work properly, and on a timely basis. I often have others that are waiting for your information. We are all busy. I hate that I am turning into a "stalker". I would like to be paid... With Respect!

Do you ever wonder why good volunteers are hard to find? Or why you can't keep Committee Heads?

Social Media Sheep

Retweeting a comment or post or re-posting someone else's content or "Liking" something on FaceBook does not make you a Social Media Guru. More like a Social Media Sheep...

I find it irritating when I find I am the only one commenting on a business post while there are dozens of likes or retweets.

Fortunately while this is common on the Business-side of SoMe, I rarely see this with personal blogs.

Whew. Rant over and back to work. Thanks for letting me vent here. Where the real source of my annoyances won't see this post!

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seashore subjects said...

where is the "like" button when you need it ;)

Hope things settle quickly and you can have that visit with whomever.