Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

This week my baby turned "Double-Digits". It's amazing how fast they grow up!

I also celebrated my 4th year of blogging. Where does the time go? I took a trip down memory lane and revisited the beginning of my blog. It would be several months till I would get a real comment (other than from a friend). I even made up a 2nd ID on Blogger so I could see what a comment would look like. Even though I only did this once, I still feel a bit sheepish.

This past year I've cut back a bit on my blogging but I am hopeful I will keep the blog alive for at least 4 more years.

Spring is here!

Today I started to work on my garden. I spend a short time cleaning up some of my beds. I also planted some dill, peas, lettuce, spinach, and swiss chard. My onions are popping up as well as my strawberry plants.

I have a ways to go in cleaning up, fertilizing and preparing the soil for planting. I plan to take a few small sections at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. It will be another month or so until I can start planting the rest of my crops. The temperatures are bouncing between the 60's and the high 20's.

I posted a few pictures on my photo blog of some early greenery. It is always fun for me to look back on the different stages of my vegetable garden and flower beds.

Speaking of beds, I have three beds to get filled with boys.....

Happy Spring!!!!
2010 Mid-June Garden

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SurprisedMom said...

Happy Spring to you!

Spring is playing games here in Chicago. It can't decide if it wants to stick around. For the rest of the week we will have temps in the 40s and 30s. That's NOT Spring!