Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden Update

First Strawberry of the Season

This weekend I planted the rest of my seedlings now that the threat of frost should be over. The lettuce has come in nicely, strawberries are starting to ripen, onions are in full force and peas are sprouting up.

I am hoping to have a good season this year. I even added two planters for extra crop space.


I am beginning to hate that VW Commercial that promotes punching every time someone spies a Volkswagen. It has turned my boys into slap-happy idiots.

It is hard to focus on the road when my eldest who is riding shotgun pokes me and shouts out a color. "Red one!" "Blue one!"......

I started to grow suspicious after failing to see all the "Bugs" he was claiming and I discovered he was including BMWs as well!

Speaking of Slugs

Something has been munching on my cucumber seedlings, spinach, and numerous other tiny plants. I suspect either slugs, grubs or beetles. (Another reason to hate Beetles & Slug-Bug).
I HAD to buy beer at the store. Michelob so I can share with the hubs as well as the garden pests.

So far it seems to be helping a little. I have snagged a few slugs. I also find that after having a beer (or two) myself, I don't seem to be as bothered.

Time to sign off, have a beer & help save the world!


Ann Flower said...

Thanks for sharing the garden update. It was nice going through your blog. keep on posting.

seashore subjects said...

Please excuse my ignorance but I am curious.. Does the beer make the slugs drunk enough to find? Or does it make them not come at all because they are on the wagon?

Tara R. said...

Ymmm... fresh berries!

terri said...

What a gorgeous strawberry! Happy gardening!

That is a funny coffee mug, but I have to wonder if anyone would actually drink beer from it?