Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Wednesday Rants

In no particular order:

On Twitter, re this tweet:

"We all know that Haidi and Chili still need help, you can help by purchasing a gift basket of bathroom products and I will send it free.."
Rant 1: If you are tweeting about a fundraiser for "Haidi" & "Chili", learn to spell, it makes you more believable. #notbuyingit

Rant 2: I'm thinking the people in "Haidi" & "Chili" have more pressing needs than "a gift basket of bathroom products".

To the "Homeless" person on the corner with a sign about being hungry

Rant 1: You might want to take your smoke-break in private. Makes people wonder how you have money for smokes but not food!

Rant 2:
If someone offers you a sandwich, pretend to be happy about it as opposed to being angry they are not giving you money.

To the girl who works at the business at the other end of our building on being neighborly:

We've been your neighbor for 2 years, for which you have barely acknowledged our existence. Even when we cheerfully bring you your mail that was misdelivered.

If you are going to pop-out and ambush us with the catalog of home-party jewelry that you want to sell us, you might want to introduce yourself first.

Just saying.

To Station Managers & Supervisors at UPS:

Just because you are nervous for your jobs, it doesn't make it right to harass drivers with seniority about taking a minute to speak with customers or occasionally changing the order of afternoon pick-ups to help out a business that is running late.

It is not o.k. to sacrifice customer service for speed. This is how I may lose a good driver and you might lose customers! Perhaps management needs to watch the Waste Management Episode of Undercover Boss!

This concludes this installment of Random Wednesday Rants! Whew! I feel much better now! AND I didn't have to hurt anyone!


Tara R. said...

Excellent rant! Civil but still with a touch of snark.

(is it significant that my verification word is 'pasta')

WeaselMomma said...

Righteous Rants!

surprised mom said...

Great rants! And I recognize every one of them! Glad you feel better now. :)