Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fragments - School Daze

Friday Fragments?
Friday FragmentsCan DO Attitude!

Last night I came home to this scene on the front porch. My oldest son carried these bags of cans home from school, in addition to his HUGE backpack! The pop cans were left over from a class project and he asked his teacher if he could have them. Told her that we recycle cans for money. (this pile might be worth $1). Dad made him leave them outside as the pile was leaking.

In an effort to get my boys excited about recycling, I started a "Can Collection Activity Fund". When I take my cardboard from work to the nearby recycling center, I have one of the boys bring our stash of cans to trade in for money. So far our biggest payout was $3.50!

It didn't occur to me that they would be dragging home cans from school. This is my 2nd boy to do this. I wonder what the teachers must think!

A- O.K.

This past week report cards came home and my husband attended Parent-Teacher Conferences. I am proud to report that all 3 boys are doing well and my middle-schooler made honor-roll for his 1st quarter out! The interesting tidbit that concerned my husband was that there is a possibility my 5th grader could end up in 7th grade math next year. My husband is worried that he could be in the same class as his older brother (who would not be very happy).
Some reason this made me chuckle. A little competition never hurts, right?
O.K. I guess I am a Bad Sadistic Momma!


A few nights ago, my husband reminded my youngest son that he had a math test the next day.
He thought he knew the material but we "suggested" that he study a bit after dinner. As I was getting Colin set up at his study table, my middle son cut in.

" I've got this Mom, I'm going to help Colin. I know what Mrs. N looks for on her tests."

I must say I was a bit relieved. Not sure I would have been much help. I dragged my oldest son upstairs as he was starting to mock his brother for sounding just like a teacher. As we were leaving the room, we heard Alex scolding his "student".

"Colin, you need to show me some respect! You wouldn't talk to Mrs. N like that, would you???"


Cheffie-Mom said...

Boys that recycle and make wonderful grades (: Super job Bad Momma!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Okay, did I already ask you before where this BAD MOMMA name come from? Because having boys who re-cycle and excel in school and help brothers with Math homework do not seem to be results of bad momma-ing to me :-)

Bad Momma said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I never said my boys were Bad!

Bad Momma is my "Street Name" from when I was the victim of a purse theft & several "crack whores" used my IDs to cash checks & use my credit cards.
Quite the charming story & a hard lesson learned.

Weaselmomma said...

The joys of boys.

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, that is so awesome! I love that Middle Brother took on that role. Kendall asked her older brother to help her study for her Spanish test (he's in his 3rd year), and he just said, "I'm busy." Maybe he's jealous (she just enrolled in the same math class he's taking as a junior, when she will only be a freshman.) Nice.