Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom of the Year Award!

This Friday, my first grader came home with a laminated wall hanging for Mothers Day.

"I love you because when you let me go to your work you give me good snacks and let me wach Pinky and the Brain (cartoon)" the personalized, handwritten, foreword proclaimed.

What he means by "good snacks" is recently past-the sell-by date, samples and other food items that I have in a tub marked " Eat Me". How many other parents have their children asking them on a regular basis " Do you have any expired food I can eat?".????

I'm sure the teacher was impressed with our good taste in cartoons. I guess I should be grateful he only mentioned "Pinky and the Brain" and not Yugioh, the Simpsons, Family Guy or Mad TV. She may now also be onto our plot for World Domination. A family has to have hobbies, right? Hey! Taking over the world takes skills!

The typed poem reads:

Sometimes I might upset you
Just because I'm small
By leaving fingerprints of mine
On a table, chair or wall.

But everyday I grow a bit
and I'll be big one day
When all my tiny fingerprints
Have long been cleaned away.

So keep these prints of my two hands
to help you to recall
Just how big my fingers were
That time when I was small.

See! I'm not a bad housekeeper. My house is one giant scrapbook!


Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Priceless! These are the best kind of gifts! Happy Mother's Day!

Ann said...

I believe you've created a wonderful bumper sticker "I'm not a bad housekeeper,..."
I'd buy it!